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We provide specialist, professional and cost-effective recruitment services to users across the SAGE suite of ERP products, SAGE Business Cloud X3 & SAGE 1000.

Our consultants have a unique vision of the market, speaking to candidates and clients in this niche daily. This makes them best placed to find you that ‘needle in the haystack’ candidate that can significantly improve your ERP's return on investment. Contact us today to find out more.

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Case Studies

I recently worked with a company that was a new SAGE end user in Germany. They were building a SAGE team and required a range of different skills and experiences. However, they were unsure of the market and what job titles they need.

On the consultation, I spoke with the Managing Director about what skills they need to start their SAGE team. We turned the skills into jobs and decided they required 3 different job descriptions for 3 hires. We discussed latest possible start dates and timelines for the process.

I was already in contact with the growing SAGE market in Germany and the DACH Region. I qualified each candidate against the job description and decided on 9 people to forward across. Therefore, the company got 3 profiles per job, so they had a range of skills and experiences with varying salary expectations.

After our customised interview process, all jobs got filled by one of the candidates I sent across. They all started within 3 months and they have just won their first project as an established SAGE team. They are in the process of supplying the customer requirements and they are on track for meeting their deadlines.