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​We recognise that PACS (picture archiving and communication system) and RIS (Radiology Information Systems) act as two complementary systems and are integrated in most radiology clinics. While RIS improves workflow and streamlines processes, PACS provide storage and a long-term option for the management of patient information. PACS also provides features and tools for advanced image manipulation. RIS and PACS jobs are among the most important in the digital health recolution.

Our consultants understand the intricacies within PACS/RIS systems and recognise cross=over with DICOM/HL7. We are people experts first and foremost, although, through years of building relationships and asking crucial questions at the right time, our consultants have an irreplaceable grasp of the partnership between Meta Data (Patient Data) and Pixel Data. 

IT Works Health can co-ordinate and provide valuable resources within expanding teams.


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