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Microsoft Dynamics AX is another Enterprise Resource Planning system within the range of business applications offered by Microsoft.

This software solution has developed a strong reputation within Finance and Operations. Whatever your Microsoft Dynamics AX requirements, contact us today and speak with the team about what they do and how they are positioned to support you.

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Case Studies

I recently worked with a Microsoft Dynamics AX user who were looking for an experienced AX Developer to join their internal team. The person doing the job previously, had to stop working with very short notice and therefore it was an urgent requirement.

We discussed what made the previous employee so good at their job and I did a radius search for candidates who lived locally with similar hard and soft skills.

With Dynamics AX still being very niche, there was only two candidates who lived locally and were suitable. We arranged Microsoft Teams interviews and I was also in the interview as request of the client. This way I could also give my opinion on the interviews and we could discuss how the interview went immediately. This meant the process was quicker.

Within one week, we managed to have two interviews with each candidate and an offer of employment.