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IT Works provide specialist, professional and cost-effective headhunting services throughout Germany, and across Europe. Using our expertise we can change the lives of candidates and enhance projects within ERP systems.

We have 18 years worth of knowledge that we’ve used to develop our reputation as Experts within the ERP market space. Whether you have an off-the-shelf ERP, mainstream ERP, modern ERP, Legacy ERP, a bespoke ERP or have selected from the rarer range of ERP packages available, we can use our wide range of experience and expansive network to support you. Contact us today.

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5 out of 5 - in a survey of candidate satisfaction our candidates scored our consultants a 5 out of 5 labelling them as trustworthy, saying they always deliver

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plus and growing network of clients

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% of all candidates CV's sent to clients successfully move to the interview stage

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Carrick Norris

ERP Specialist

Case Studies

I supported a client who was looking for an ambitious, experienced individual to take up their newly created ‘Head of Global ERP’ role. The company is the digitisation hub for a large organisation manufacturing organisation with locations across Europe. They had been extremely unhappy with quality of the profiles provided by other recruitment agencies. The head of HR had received a marketing email from IT Works and then contacted me directly as the role has to be onsite, just west of Munich.

TheHead of HR and I quickly scheduled a meeting over Microsoft Teams which also included theManaging Director.It was clear, almost immediately, that communication skills, experience in both ERP consultation/project management, and fluency in German were the most important things to this company.Due to my knowledge of the market, I was able to convince the managing director to increase the budget to obtain the best possible candidates.

The manager that we placed with this company had extensive experience in ERP consultation and project management. He also was fluent in English, German and Spanish.
It was clear, that even during the interview stages that the Managing Director and the candidate in question had a very positive connection.

The ‘new’ Global Head of ERP has been in place now for just over a year. In that time he has improved internal processes but has also brought new clients to his company.He has made such a positive impact that the owner of the company is already considering promoting him to the board of directors.