NetSuite Systems Owner

Posted 15 September 2023
Contact NameJack Garratt

Job description

Job Title:
NetSuite Systems Owner
Location: North Rhine Region, Germany Employment Type: Full-Time

Company Overview:

We are working with a dynamic and innovative company who are looking for new NetSuite professionals to join their team.

We are dedicated to excellence, delivering exceptional products and services to our clients across the North Rhine Region and beyond. Our commitment to technology-driven solutions has led us to seek a skilled and motivated NetSuite Systems Owner to join the team.

Position Overview:

As a NetSuite Systems Owner, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance, functionality, and utilisation of our NetSuite ERP system. You will be responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of our NetSuite environment, aligning it with our business needs and goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. System Administration and Configuration: Manage and configure the NetSuite ERP system to meet business requirements, ensuring data integrity, workflows, and customisation are aligned with best practices.

  2. System Optimization: Continuously monitor system performance and identify areas for improvement. Implement enhancements and optimizations to maximise efficiency and productivity.

  3. Integration Management: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate NetSuite with other critical systems, such as CRM and e-commerce platforms, streamlining data flow and enhancing connectivity.

  4. User Support and Training: Provide support and training to end-users, ensuring they can effectively utilise NetSuite features and functionalities to perform their tasks efficiently.

  5. Data Management: Oversee data migration, cleansing, and maintenance efforts, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and security.

  6. Reporting and Analytics: Develop and maintain customised reports and dashboards to provide actionable insights to leadership and stakeholders.

  7. Compliance and Security: Ensure NetSuite system compliance with relevant regulations and security standards, implementing robust data protection measures.

  8. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive system documentation, including configurations, customisations, and procedures to support the user community.

  9. Vendor Management: Collaborate with NetSuite service providers and vendors, managing relationships and ensuring timely updates and support.

  10. Problem Resolution: Address and resolve system issues, coordinating with technical teams or vendors when necessary, to minimize downtime and disruptions.


  • Proven experience as a NetSuite Administrator or similar role.
  • In-depth knowledge of NetSuite ERP system functionality, configuration, and best practices.
  • Strong understanding of business processes, workflows, and data management.
  • Proficiency in customizing forms, fields, reports, and workflows within NetSuite.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • Problem-solving mindset and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues.
  • Knowledge of integration methods and tools, such as SuiteTalk, SuiteFlow, or Boomi, is a plus.
  • NetSuite certification is desirable but not mandatory.