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Zachary Harris

Zachary Harris
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Zachary Harris

LIMS Contract Specialist

​A life of sun, sea and sand sure does sound good and no it certainly looked attractive to Zach when he left school and started out on his career path. Joining Club 18-30 as a rep Zach enjoyed his time travelling and helping others to enjoy their holiday. However, it can be a relatively short career as reps look for more stability and start building families. Having watched nearly all of his colleagues go into recruitment when they stopped repping, Zach wanted to buck the trend and took a different route, into property. As an estate agent he was able to use his customer service experience and really develop his sales and negotiating skills listing around 20 houses each month. However the allure of recruitment proved too strong and with ex colleagues still talking about how much they enjoyed it Zach decided to take the leap and joined IT Works.

As one of our LIMS experts Zach loves the energy of this niche market and enjoys the challenge of sourcing the perfect resource for his clients to help them achieve their goals and move their business forward. Working with both public and private sector organisations Zach is totally immersed in this niche area and his connections mean he is in the know with opportunities and candidates in his market.

Of all the destinations and resorts that Zach has worked in his favourite by far is Malia in Crete. Perhaps it was while hosting party goers on Beach Road in the resort that Zach honed his party trick – he can drink a bottle of wine in 7 second which could always come in handy! Zach is a natural show off and love nothing better than to play the crowd, he totally rocked at our Christmas Karaoke in the office, perhaps this comes from his childhood as he was lead singer in his year 6 school choir.

If you value a straight talker, someone who will be direct and transparent in their dealings with you, someone who knows the best resources and opportunities within the LIMS market and will find your perfect solution then you need our LIMS expert Zach Harris.

"I love being able to work with my client to help them move their business forward, whether that search is difficult or not, I have never been one to shy away from a hard task."

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