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Suraj Singh

Suraj Singh
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Suraj Singh

LIMS Recruitment Consultant

​Working from everything from hospitality to customer service, Suraj has always been interested in people. In his previous role as a Complaints Handler, he helped to turn unhappy customers into happy customers. Finding solutions to complex complaints cases, Suraj has always been able to get to the bottom of any problem – a skill every recruiter needs in their arsenal. To Suraj, looking back now it seems inevitable that he would pursue a career in recruitment.

As a specialist recruiter in the LIMS market, it’s Suraj’s natural charm and approachable personality that makes him so effective at what he does - connecting experts. Developing long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, Suraj’s passion is people.

As an amateur boxer, Suraj brings his determination and grit both to the ring and the workplace. Resilience is key to life as a recruiter, and one thing is for certain, Suraj never gives up. Rising to any challenge, it’s his drive to succeed that his clients and candidates value most.

Of course, to be a success in all his amateur fights Suraj ensures he is always prepared. Putting in the hours to train and meal prep, he understands what it takes to get results. He applies the same philosophy to his work, getting results for LIMS clients and LIMS candidates that he connects.

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