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Rhys Clarke

Rhys Clarke
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Rhys Clarke

PACS Recruitment Consultant

​After his role as a swimming teacher, Rhys pursued his passion for scientific and healthcare processes at university. It’s here he spent time as a medical student studying biochemistry, learning key information about healthcare solutions.

Leaving university, Rhys went on to become a Resuscitation Officer at St. Mary's Hospital in London. He found himself on the frontlines during the pandemic where he demonstrated exceptional resilience and compassion. In this critical role, Rhys played a pivotal part in providing emergency medical care to patients, showcasing his ability to work under pressure and prioritise the well-being of others. This quality is something he proudly showcases when working alongside candidates.

Outside the workplace, Rhys has a diverse range of hobbies and interests. He enjoys taking part in physical intensities of CrossFit, salsa dancing, and mastering the art of cocktail making – a popular skill at the office parties!

Rhys's medical background knowledge combined with his ability to quickly come up with solutions makes him the perfect PACS specialist.

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