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Kieran Kearns

Kieran Kearns
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Kieran Kearns

Medical Imaging Senior Recruitment Consultant - Sales

​Proud father of two and keen football fan, Kieran led a very unusual career path before arriving here at IT Works, where he quickly found that he had a knack for the job.

He’s rapidly become a welcome part of the team, even volunteering to play when we fielded a team in a ‘football marathon’ in his first three months with the team.

Since starting IT Works Health, Kieran worked in the IT Support market successfully connecting experts and providing solutions to niche system requirements within the NHS, with a degree of crossover in the PACS/RIS space. Now, he has fully transitioned into servicing the PACS market exclusively. Kieran is excited about the move and can't wait to expand his network and expertise in the PACS market, getting to know more PACS professionals whilst supporting their current and future business requirements.

He brings that same competitive spirit to his work, always looking to build stronger relationships, place better candidates, and find the best opportunities out there.

"Extremely easy and always get the candidates, relationship is being built with ease"

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