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Alastair Hesketh-Jones

Alastair Hesketh-Jones
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Alastair Hesketh-Jones

Training Partner

Training forms a key element in what we do here at IT Works with our 13 week, bespoke, training programme being one of the foundations that make our consultants the experts they are. In order to deliver such specialist training we needed to make sure we had the right person and who better than someone who has specialised in the training, coaching, and development of recruitment consultants for over 13 years. Like many students, Alastair Hesketh-Jones started his working life in sales in a bid to help pay for his student life. After graduation Alastair took a rather unusual step and became a paramedic (as you do!). As an instructor on the paramedic programme Alastair honed his training skills and discovered this was where his true passion lay – a revelation that eventually brought him to IT Works as Director of Training.

As a practitioner with a background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology, Alastair sees his role at IT Works as one which facilitates a process that helps people to create an internal state of resourcefulness and empowerment, allowing them to achieve what they want to achieve.   Alastair feels that being part of the journey our consultants take; from trainee, through their foundation training and on to becoming a qualified consultant and market expert, is both a privilege and a reward. Life-long learning is another area that Alastair is passionate about and he is currently working towards his Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.

Alastair is just the type of person you need on your team when the pressure is on. When working as a paramedic he delivered more than a dozen babies and once worked in a hotel in the Canadian Arctic where unwelcome guests included black bears and wolves. One summer job that Alastair once had was driving an ice cream van, which he managed to crash 3 times in the same day! Luckily, we don’t need him to drive as part of his role here at IT Works

One of the achievements that really stands out for Alastair, and the Senior Leadership Team is our success in the Sunday Times Top 100, an accolade that we have won on two occasions together with being recognised as a 3-Star Best Company To Work For. Alastair and the team build strong foundations through expert training and expert performance coaching that enable people to become a part of the vibrant culture that sets IT Works apart and earns us these titles.

“Anyone who has the drive and the will to succeed will find that their ambition to make their mark in recruitment will be matched by the professional opportunities that IT Works provides”

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