TEST_Case Study: IFS ERP Recruitment Partners Case Study

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Partnering With North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Is your Trust looking to simplify their IT systems? Has system training been factored into the project scope?

Here’s how we helped one Trust lead its PAS implementation project with a people-first approach.

TEST_Case Study: IFS ERP Recruitment Partners
1 System
3 Sites
7000 Staff

The Requirement

With the Trust’s internal BAU training team stretched to its limits and end-user system support top of its priority list, extra training resource was required. Searching for PAS experts, the Trust turned to IT Works Health to hire specialist go-live training and floorwalking support.

Moving from multiple PAS systems to a single solution EPR, the implementation was well underway. Spread across 3 sites and over 7000 staff employed – demand for system end-user training at the Northwest Anglia NHS Foundation Trust was at an all-time high.

As a specialist IT recruitment agency, we supported the Trust throughout the hiring process - connecting them to the right experts, at the right time.

Main Objectives

  • Increased interoperability
  • Improved accessibility of information
  • Quicker information sharing
  • Streamlined information exchange
  • More effective cross-site collaboration

Project Progress

The Delivery

Training Schedule

A six-week window was allocated to deliver training. Training courses were scheduled, delegates booked, and mapped to staff rotas. With an agreed 80% trained level, training was applied to each business area, ward, and outpatient department, not just as a blanket across the whole organisation.

Floor Walking Process and Support

All trainers were rolled over into floor-walking roles as the project went live. Initial support of 1 floorwalker per ward, outpatient, and administrative department was reduced as users became more familiar with the system and processes.

Training Level

The Results

With extra training support, the Trust successfully completed the project. By hiring the right experts, at the right time, the Trust saw end-user adoption rates soar. With end-users on board, the Trust was able to achieve its initial project outcomes.

Connecting Experts
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