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Christmas Career Changes

​Career changes at Christmas – Why does it happen? At this time of year many people start to re-...

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Creating the Perfect CV

​Creating the Perfect CV​We all know that creating a CV can sometimes be challenging, especially...

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Why use a Recruiter as a Candidate?

​Why use a Recruiter as a Candidate?This is one of those questions that seems completely reasona...

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Thinking Of Changing Career? There's No Time Like The Present

​Recently I posted a LinkedIn post about changing careers. The purpose of the post was “I am too ...

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Tips For Getting Back To Work

​Coronavirus took over our lives last year, but it feels like the world is going to make it. Alth...

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Brexit and UK Recruiters

​Despite Christmas and New Years, there was also an important historical event ... The United Kin...

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Managing Work/Life Balance

​Some of you may have noticed from my past posts that I love to play golf. I love watching golf a...

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