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Failing To Attract Talent? Why Hybrid Working Is The Answer…

Whilst the term ‘hybrid working’ has become a popular phrase commonly used by both employers and ...

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Budgets & Investment Hiring

Budgets, Budgets, Budgets…​​Can sometimes be the soundtrack to your working day in the lead up to...

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Welche Module umfasst ein ERP System?

​Which modules does an ERP System include?​With over 32,000 global customers using Oracle NetSuit...

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Why ERPs Will Make The Energy Sector More Efficient

​Why ERP Will Make The Energy Sector More EfficientERP software has enabled companies within the ...

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September News Monthly Roundup

Once again, we have reached the end of another month and our financial year2021/2022. As we do ev...

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The Importance of Qualifying a Role, Candidate, and Client

​The Importance of Qualifying Role, Candidate, and ClientProbably the single biggest thing that s...

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Lloret de Mar Achievers Trip 2022

​Another quarter has come to an end, where our achievers worked extra hard to earn themselves a...

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The Importance Of In-House ERP Support

​It’s difficult to juggle, but during the early phases of implementation, you should be planning ...

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Cloud-based ERP Support - The Covid Effect

​The effects of covid are extensive and often unpredictable. But, is it covid that’s affected wh...

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IFS On The Rise In Germany

​I’ve written here recently that more and more German businesses are adopting ERP systems. One o...

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Should You Choose Infor On-Prem or Cloud?

We’re seeing a steady stream of businesses which have hosted their Infor implementations on the p...

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Should You Ever Accept a Counter-Offer?

It’s more and more common now for candidates who give notice to be made a counter-offer by their ...

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Away Remote Working

Are We Moving Away from Remote Working Again?

​Remote working has been the biggest conversation in recruitment for two years now, especially wh...

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3 Schlüsselentscheidungen bei der Auswahl eines neuen ERP-System

​Der Umstieg auf ein neues ERP-System ist eine Herausforderung, ganz gleich, ob Sie sich zum erst...

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April News Round-Up

As April comes to an end, it’s worth looking back on the efforts of a busy month – and this month...

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Tenerife Achievers Trip 2022

​It seems like only weeks ago our Q1 Achievers were in Rome…All the same, a lot has happened sinc...

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Written Job Description

Is a Written Job Description Important when Working with a Recruiter?

​Like any other kind of briefing, some people are happier writing job descriptions and others pre...

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True Cost Candidate

The True Cost of a Candidate

​It might be a cliché, but 2021 and 2022 are the first years of a new employment market. While th...

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Train Or Hire Netsuite Team

Should You Train or Hire NetSuite Team Members?

​I just finished a phone call with a client who now has an extensive list of requirements. Great ...

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Keys Successful Netsuite Implementation

Keys to a Successful NetSuite Implementation

​So, you’ve decided to go ahead with NetSuite for your business’ ERP requirements. At this point ...

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