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Krakow Achievers Trip 2022

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​What is an IT Works Achievers Trip?

Happening every quarter, an IT Works Achievers Trip is a celebration that rewards those who go above and beyond to achieve. For our latest trip however, we were also commemorating the immense dedication and hard work shown by the team over the past year.

Where were our Achievers off to? This time round, the team were off to Krakow, Poland.


Day 1

Starting the weekend off with a bang, the IT Works achievers packed their bags Saturday afternoon and headed to the airport eagerly awaiting their journey. With the festivities in full swing already, the team boarded their plane touching down in Krakow late evening.

Faced with the cold November chill, the team wasted no time heading out to explore bundled up in their layers. Weaving their way through the crowded streets, the achievers were met by a breath-taking first glance of Krakow’s medieval architecture - the lowly lit old town market square.

In keeping with IT Works tradition, the achievers christened the beginning of their trip with a celebratory drink or two. Toasting to the successes of the last quarter, and the accumulated accomplishments of the year (our biggest to date), we raised our glasses in merriment.

Venturing to other hospitality hotspots around the city centre, the team chatted, laughed, and danced the night away.


Day 2

With a slow start the next morning, the team emerged in dribs and drabs finding a few places to eat breakfast, fuelling up for the busy day ahead.

Early afternoon, arriving at their meeting spot, the team got suited and booted for the guided segway tour that would take them through Krakow’s old town.

Dressed in the gear but with little idea of how to master the segway some took to it with grace and poise whilst others were less co-ordinated in their attempts.

Racing round to the Old Town square, the achievers learned about Krakow’s rich histories. From St Mary’s Basilica and the fable of the two brothers to the legend of the fire breathing Wawel dragon, they travelled in time through the stories told. Looping back through the remains of the medieval city gates and back through the cobbled streets the team headed back to the square where the tour concluded.

NetSuite & Infor Recruitment Specialist, Jack Garratt rolling you into your next opportunity.


Day 3

Monday morning was an early start for most of the team. Half of the group headed off on a guided tour of Auschwitz to pay their respects at the memorial whilst the remaining people in the team headed to Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Day rolling into night, the last evening in Krakow came round all too quickly. Sitting down for their final meal together, the team spent their last few hours eating, laughing, and sharing stories reminiscent of the past year.

Despite the ups and downs that come along with recruitment, at IT Works, we’re a team that supports each other. As a great bunch of people, we pride ourselves on the way we work. Operating as a team, we not only champion the success of others but reward their achievements.


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