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Tenerife Achievers Trip 2022

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​It seems like only weeks ago our Q1 Achievers were in Rome

All the same, a lot has happened since January, including another highly successful quarter for the Recruitment Consultants here at IT Works Recruitment and their sister teams at IT Works Health and IT Works Germany.

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The destination this time was Tenerife, chosen to give our Achievers – every Consultant who’s exceeded their target over the quarter, plus a selection of their back office support teams based on the popular vote - a taste of sun, sea, and celebrations no matter what the weather was like at home – and as you can see from this photo of our office during the trip, there’s quite a difference!

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Our trip began on Wednesday morning when a minibus took our Achievers to Manchester airport, where the flight awaited. They arrived with time to enjoy the afternoon sun, get their bearings, and spend some time by the pool before dinner.

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Thursday was our first full day at the island and while some had been up very late the night before, others got out and about as soon as possible to make the most of the sun.

Tenerife is a beautiful island with much to explore and many exciting activities, and our Achievers made the most of all of them over the rest of their trip, often splitting into smaller groups to explore the sights, take in the nightlife, or just relax at the hotel bar.

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A big part of Achievers’ Trip tradition is to come together for a group meal toward the end, when experiences can be shared, jokes are made, and everyone takes the opportunity to make memories.

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It’s one thing for a company to say they’re a family. It’s more of a challenge for a company to actually feel like a family, and it’s traditions like the Achievers’ Trips (among many others) that allow us to do so.

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There’s already some conversation in the office about where the next one should be, with Ibiza an early front runner. Regular Achievers get to see a surprising amount of the world with the company!