Oracle and Red Bull Racing

Formula One Spotlight: Oracle Red Bull Racing

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​The new Formula One season is almost here, and if you weren’t already aware, many major brands in and around the ERP field play key roles for some of the leading teams.

We thought we’d begin by shining a spotlight on the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, where the sponsorship is prominent, but the work being done is even more important.

Oracle Cloud and Your Business

The Red Bull team gave their drivers as much support as they could. Precision engineering. Plenty of time to train. Highly-drilled pit crews. A focus on designing cars that would push speed further without sacrificing control.

And in addition to that – and as one of the things that helped push them beyond the rest – they run billions of simulations for different race strategies using Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI) for the power.

The Oracle Cloud isn’t just about allowing you to do your work and access your data wherever you happen to be – although that’s the key strength making it so useful for fans of NetSuite and JD Edwards, among others. These systems are also lightning-fast due to the processing power Oracle brings to bear.

The Red Bull Racing team was running real-time analytics during every race, constantly updating the information available to race strategists. They could run a thousand times as many simulations with Oracle than without, and they could run these simulations ten times faster.

That partnership has only expanded since the 2021 victory, with continued investment from both sides as they look to retain the top spot.

That’s the platform that Oracle ERP services are built on – and what it can do for Red Bull Racing, it can do for your business too.

To get your own ‘pit crew’ in place, contact our team today and we’ll help you find the perfect candidates to push your business into pole position.