Tommy Tomlinson

Tommy Tomlinson

NetSuite Specialist

Coming from a background as a chef, he honed essential skills like hard work, teamwork, and the pursuit of perfection. Always driven to give people the best experience possible, Tommy knows the importance of effective communication, whether it's crafting a mouth-watering dish or matching talented individuals with the perfect job.

Tommy's decision to join IT Works was fuelled by the company's impeccable credibility and his desire to take the reins of his career. In this industry, where the sky is the limit, Tommy is eager to leverage his skills and put in the hard work needed to achieve unmatched success. With a belief that one's pride in their work is the key to achieving excellence, he is determined to bring this philosophy to the world of IT recruitment.

Tommy's educational background is anchored at Liverpool John Moores University, where he spent three years building a solid foundation for his career. His professional journey began as a chef at a renowned steakhouse, where his dedication and talent earned him a promotion to the role of Sous Chef. From there, he continued to cultivate his culinary skills, working at other esteemed establishments, while also dedicating his time to volunteering at the St Helens Youth Justice Service, demonstrating his commitment to community and personal growth.

Beyond the world of work, Tommy is a devoted Blackburn Rovers fan, showing his unwavering loyalty to his football club. During his time at university, he ventured into the world of sports by playing rugby, fostering teamwork and discipline. As a man of diverse talents, Tommy also possesses a keen musical ability, playing the tenor saxophone. In his free time, you'll find him building and repairing PCs, showcasing his technical prowess. His eclectic taste extends to music, as he's a fan of the legendary Beatles.

His combination of skills, passion, and commitment to providing the best possible experiences make him a valuable addition to the IT Works team. If you're looking to take the next step in your NetSuite career, Tommy is here to help.

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